2015 Crown Managers Partnership Forum

People, Climate and Terrestrial Invasive Species: Taking Collective Action in the Crown of the Continent

The 2015 Forum was held in Lethbridge, Alberta on March 17-19, 2015.

Executive Summary

Here is a summary of the 2015 CMP Forum


Check out An Overview of the Status and Management of Non-native Plants in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem.

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March 17:

Keynote - Dean Pearson "Ecology and Management of Invasive Species:What are we trying to do?"

March 18:

Mary Riddle - Crown Managers Partnership Overview

Bruce Maxwell and Lisa Rew - An Ecological Approach to Framing Non-Native Plant Management

Panel #1 Overview of the Status of High Priority Non-native Invasive Plants in the Crown of the Continent

Erin Sexton - University of Montana

Dawn LaFleur - Glacier National Park

Bray Beltran - Five Valleys Land Trust/Heart of the Rockies

Panel #2: Case Studies on Invasive Plant Management: Strategies and Tactics from around the Crown of the Continent

Brad Jones - Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

Todd Larsen - East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council

Karen Laitala - Powell County Weed District/Blackfoot Challenge

Mike Roberts - Waldron Ranch

Rob Sissons - Waterton Lakes National Park

Dawn LaFleur - Glacier Nation Park

Dinner Presentation: Lorne Fitch and Barry Adams - "Wrinkles, Weeds and Wisdom"

March 19:

Barry Gibbs - "Weeds Across Borders, Continental Scale Collaboration"